Members of NexStart include potential Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor (Westinghouse SMR) owners and/or operators focused on influencing Westinghouse SMR design activities to incorporate utility operating experience and recognized market needs. NexStart members desire to ensure that the Westinghouse SMR attributes match target customers' plans for meeting their future power needs. To this end, NexStart members strive to support Westinghouse in achieving a standardized Westinghouse SMR design that:
  • reflects innovation in safety and efficiency
  • incorporates industry lessons learned
  • includes unique perspectives from public facilities specializing in nuclear materials handling, national policy delivery, and integrated fuel management systems
Members draw on their wealth of nuclear and non-nuclear operating experience to improve the Westinghouse SMR design in many areas, including human factors engineering, As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA), refueling, and plant staffing.

Current nuclear-related Alliance members:

Current non-nuclear-related Alliance members:

Other Members:

Any current nuclear power plant owners, power plant operators, enterprise investors, or other businesses who are interested in the Westinghouse SMR potential and its ability to advance the deployment of safe, secure, and clean nuclear energy domestically and internationally, are welcome to join the NexStart SMR Alliance. If interested, please contact the NexStart SMR Alliance Director, Robin Rickman , for further details and information related to membership in the Alliance.

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