Westinghouse SMR

Westinghouse introduces our next product innovation: the Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor (SMR). The Westinghouse SMR builds upon the innovative concepts and advances in technology achieved in the Westinghouse AP1000® reactor design.

The Westinghouse SMR is a > 225 MWe class, integral pressurized water reactor, with all the primary components located inside the reactor vessel. It utilizes passive safety systems and proven components - realized in the industry-leading AP1000® reactor design - to attain the highest level of safety and reduce the number of components required.

This approach will provide licensing, construction and operation certainty that no other SMR supplier can match with competitive economics.

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The Westinghouse SMR uses industry-proven system designs.
SMR Design
  • Compact, simplified system configuration aids operability and maintainability
  • Innovative packaging of proven, light water reactor components
  • Maximizing output within a smaller reactor package achieves unmatched economics
  • Modular design and standardization for rapid construction and project deployment
  • Factory fabrication of standardized components and rail shipping for increased quality and certainty in deployment
  • Latest safety and security philosophies licensed by the U.S. NRC for the AP1000® reactor design
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Benefits of SMR

Small Modular Reactors represent the next step in the evolution of nuclear power plants. SMRs can be constructed much more efficiently than larger units, and because of their size, there is no need for ultra-heavy forgings that can only be made by a limited number of suppliers. SMRs can be constructed in a factory environment, and their modules can be shipped by rail to the construction site, which reduces construction time and costs and improves quality. And because SMRs are smaller and the capital costs to construct them are lower, the time to recapture costs is quicker.

SMRs are the ideal solution for locations with smaller grid requirements, or locations that may have incremental electricity demand over time can construct additional SMRs as needed to meet demand. And as with all nuclear power plants, SMRs provide safe, reliable electricity that won't emit any greenhouse gasses.

SMRs utilize the very latest safety technologies to keep the plant cool, and in the case of the Westinghouse SMR, the design builds upon the proven safety features found in the AP1000® nuclear power plant, currently the safest plant available, based on rigorous probabilistic risk analysis (PRA) conducted by the U.S. NRC.

With the Westinghouse SMR, many aspects of the design will use the very same component and module designs found in the AP1000® reconfigured for the small modular reactor design. The fuel will be based on the proven Westinghouse 17X17 RFA design, which utilizes the same assembly components and the same fuel rod design, only shorter. This approach will provide design and operation certainty that no other SMR supplier can match.
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