About NexStart SMR Alliance

The NexStart SMR Alliance is a diverse group of current and prospective nuclear owners, operators, enterprise investors, and other business interests. All are interested in the Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor (SMR) potential and its ability to advance the deployment of safe, secure, and clean nuclear energy domestically and internationally. The group was formed by Westinghouse Electric Company LLC to cooperatively implement a strategy leading to design certification for the Westinghouse SMR, the issuance of a combined construction and operating license (COL) to Ameren Missouri for a Westinghouse SMR at the Callaway Energy Center, and potential deployment of the Westinghouse SMR by 2022.

NexStart members provide input to the Westinghouse SMR Program, reflecting the needs, insights, and experience of plant owners and operators. NexStart members work with Ameren Missouri in preparation and submittal of a COL application based on the Westinghouse SMR. Input to Westinghouse includes, but is not limited to, review and comment on SMR documents related to design, design certification, fabrication and construction planning, cost, and schedule targets. NexStart members may also be engaged in developing utility-related materials needed to support the SMR Program (e.g., estimating plant staffing requirements).

The NexStart SMR Alliance is co-chaired by Westinghouse Vice President of Innovation and SMR Development Mr. John Goossen and Ameren Missouri Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Mr. Adam Heflin. Mr. Robin Rickman, Westinghouse Strategic Project Development, is the NexStart Alliance Director.

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